Friday, May 9

Eco Clean: The Bubble Roome

I do love beautiful smelling soap, so Europe is a good place to be. But some of the most amazing smelling soaps come from The Bubble Roome in Brooklyn. With combinations like Lavender + Geranium, Fennel + Anise, Chamomile + Calendula and Tea Tree + Peppermint (how nice would that be on a hot day!), the scents are unusual, delicious and made better with no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or dyes. So now those of you with sensitive skin have an alternative to nothing soaps.

And let's talk about evil parabens for a moment. Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in shampoos, moisturizers, shower gels and lotions of all types. Some studies link parabens with breast cancer and other studies question the safety of parabens altogether. And many people poopoo those studies. But I figure, why put chemicals directly into your blood stream through your skin when they can't possibly do you any good?

So the hemp-oil lotions from the Bubble Roome are a blessing. I have tried these lotions and the softness lasts for hours and hours without any grease. They smell great and their base is Aloe Juice (not water), Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. No parabens at all.

Every product is hand packaged and hand made and made with love. There are mineral salts, sugar scrubs and creams on the site as well. You can easily order the products online or you can visit stores to smell and try on your own (like egg mercantile in Amsterdam).

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